How do I open the bunker in warzone?

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ainsi How do I open vault warzone? Here are vault opening steps in brief:

  1. Complete one of three side missions in Nakatomi Plaza to acquire a Keycard.
  2. Visit Floor 31 of Nakatomi Plaza.
  3. Use the Keycard to open the Vault, and again on a deposit box for additional rewards.

How do you open the bunker in warzone with a key card?

de plus, How do I get to bunker 11 warzone?

Head to Bunker 11, which is located at the top of the map (north-west of Military Base) and interact with the keypad, you will then be able to access the bunker. The code is 346. Once inside you will be able to grab tons of loot, as well as a new MP7 blueprint Mud Drauber.

How do I open bunker warzone with key card?

How do you do the downtown Easter egg in warzone? Once inside the building, players need to find the keypad on the ground floor and enter the code, which is 2179. Entering the code will put the building into lockdown, and there will be no getting in. Near the keypad is the computer, which is going to have four pictures on the screen and a number to go with it.

How do I get into the vault rebirth?

Which bunkers use red access card? Red Card bunker locations

  • Bunker 1: Located near the northern end of the Junkyard region.
  • Bunker 2: Located near the first one, on the eastern side of the Junkyard and western side of Boneyard.
  • Bunker 3: This one can be found in the middle of the military base and dam in Bloc 23.
  • Bunker 4: Reach the Junkyard region.

Where are the red keycard bunkers?

Bunker 1: There’s a Bunker southwest of Boneyard and northwest of Promenade West. Bunker 2: Another Bunker in between Boneyard and Storage Town. Bunker 3: A third Bunker off this path just outside Superstore. Bunker 4: In this area southwest of the Military Base and north of the Airport.

Where is Red Access Card bunker? There are several bunkers scattered throughout Warzone’s map, each of which can be opened with a Red Access Card. You can find one on the cliffside across the bridge from Prison, in the forest to the southwest of Boneyard, and southeast of Military Base in the mountains.

Is Bunker 11 still active?

Bunker 11 is one of the most prestigious bunkers that you can find in Call of Duty: Warzone. … With the new Warzone 1.28 update, the keypad for Bunker 11 has started to work again. This means that players can now interact with the keypad and get into the Bunker 11.

Is Bunker 11 still open? Bunker 11 Can’t Be Opened With Code

Unlike other bunkers that needs access codes to open, Military Base Bunker 11 would require a special phone hunt minigame to be completed before it can be opened.

What is the nuke in warzone?

What happened in the Warzone Nuke event? Spoiler: a nuke happened. As the zombies started to overwhelm any remaining players in The Destruction of Verdansk Part 1, a cutscene played which showed a nuclear missile being fired from somewhere to the west.

How do I get to the secret subway?

Why is there a teddy bear in warzone? Call of Duty: Warzone Teddy Bear

In every single Call of Duty game since Finest Hour, players have been able to find stuffed teddy bears littered throughout various maps. These stuffed animals started out as an homage to a developer’s daughter who passed away and have quickly become a silent staple of the franchise.

How do you get to the secret train station in warzone? To find it, you’re going to need at least 10 minutes and a lot of luck. You’ll need to start at City Hall in the downtown area. Once you go inside, you’ll find a security station and several paintings on the walls — you’ll need to remember these (and the roman numeral underneath them) because they’re important.

How do I get the red room blueprint?

How do you unlock the easter egg in rebirth?

Where is the yellow door in Rebirth Island?

Rebirth Island’s Yellow Door can be found in the Headquarters Command Center. It’s on the first floor, so you’ll be able to find it quickly and easily.

What is a stadium access code? You’ll need to place these numbers to their corresponding places, and you’ll find out the functioning Stadium access code in your match. For this instance, the code turned out to be “3265547.” You’ll need to make your way to the locked room to use your Stadium access code, and it’s located on the top floor.

Are the red doors in plunder?

Red Doors can be a free ticket to top-tier loot. The plunder behind these Red Doors includes powerful weapons, killstreaks, lots of cash, and even Specialist tokens. Warzone Red Doors are a one-way trip though. … However, there are some strategies to ensure that you always choose the right Red Door.

Where is the most money in plunder?

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