How do you get diamonds in state of survival?

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Monthly gaming events are organised by the developers in which players can take part. Players participating in the events can buy diamonds during the course of the event. Besides, if you are explicitly in need of coins, you can always convert your diamonds into coins according to your uses.

ainsi What are the best heroes in state of survival? State of Survival best heroes for gathering resources

  • Mike is the best for gathering Food.
  • Rusty is the best for gathering Metal.
  • Chef is the best for gathering Wood. (although he should’ve been in charge of the food with that name)
  • Ghost is the best hero for gathering Gas.

What does RSS mean in state of survival? Terminology. These are terms you’ll see in-game: « RES », « RESS », « RSS » = resources. KE = Kill Event. hive = a group of cities that have teleported close to one another.

de plus, How do you get free bundles in state of survival?

How many members can an alliance have in state of survival?

TOTAL MEMBER: The maximum members you can have in your alliance is 100. However in some older states, their maximum is only 92. Once the Alliance is full, you won’t be able to accept new members.

Who are the brawlers in state of survival? Brawler is a group of heroes leader of infantry troops. In explorer, their position is at the forefront, they can move places because they have several points of motion. However, their range of attacks was narrow. Brawler has the greatest Health stat among the three hero groups.

Who is the strongest player in state of survival? You get one of the strongest heroes in State of Survival, Maddie & Frank. This inseparable duo is a good choice for increasing your Rally Troop Attack. Maddie & Frank can also be used on explorer missions. Their materials for leveling up are pretty easy to farm too especially for free-to-play players.

How do I get Maddie and Frank fragments?

What does NAP mean in state of survival?

An NAP or Non Aggression Pact is an agreement between alliances or between an alliance and a player that states that neither will attack the other.

How many APC can you have in last shelter? APC – How to level up your APC

For everyone of your (up to) 4 APC there is an barrack. In order to increase the number of soldiers you can equip, you have to level up these barracks.

How do you get the 5th APC in last shelter?

The Gathering Station is a building that functions as a barracks, creating a 5th unmanned APC devoted solely to gathering. It is unlocked via the VIP Shop for 1,000,000 VIP Points, one of the most expensive privileges available for purchase. Once unlocked, it can be built from the Build – Build menu for 28.0k cash.

How do you redeem gift codes in State of Survival? How to redeem State of Survival codes?

  1. In order to redeem the codes you’ll have to open the game, and head to the Settings menu (in the bottom right corner of the screen).
  2. Then, click on the Gift Redemption button.
  3. Enter your code in the redemption box and click on Redeem.

How do you get the chief gear in State of Survival?

Chief Gears are automatically unlocked at the workshop once you upgrade your HQ to level 22. These are gears that will boost your troop specific attack and defense stats. There are a total of fourteen sets that you can upgrade to with each set having six unique parts.

Is Nanami good State of Survival?

Nanami is not really tanky compared to other State of Survival heroes. However, she has been gifted with decent attack and defense stats. Having Nanami in your party will strengthen the presence of your infantry.

What is an R4 in state of survival? R4. Your Rank 4 members here should be picked more wisely than the non-competitive alliances. Let’s discuss what R4 positions are there. · Activity observer. · Map or tower builder which we call the artist.

How do you farm in state of survival? 1. After launching State of Survival from your BlueStacks home screen, click on « Start farming » as illustrated below. 2. This will then launch a new window of BlueStacks in which you can create a farm account.

What does R5 mean in state of survival?

Your Alliance Leader (R5) is doing a great job! He/she helps the members, organizes events and is always there for you? Then appoint your Leader and vote for him/her! Rules: Post a comment with the name of your Leader (including alliance name and state).

What does Frank dislike about Nikola SOS? Frank doesn’t particularly like Nikola because of his weird scent and scary tools. His uniform is getting a bit threadbare, but he’s still reluctant to throw it away. It was a gift from someone who means a lot to him.

What kind of animal is Ray’s companion state of survival?

His hawk, Rolex, is the only member of his exotic pet collection he was able to rescue and the pair have developed a very strong bond. Updated description: As the owner of a sprawling nightclub and a central figure in the arms trade, Ray was just about the closest thing the criminal underworld had to a king.

How many heroes are in state of survival? There are currently 30 playable characters in State of Survival divided into three categories: Rare, Epic, and Resonating. As a management game, there is nothing better than having an assistant do the work for you when it comes to handling your resources.

How do you get legendary hero fragments?

There are quite a few ways to obtain Legendary Hero Fragments in the game. Hero searches, holiday events, and community rewards. We would like to recommend to you a collection of game events that players have compiled which will allow you to obtain Legendary Hero Fragments.

Is Jeb a good hero state of survival?

How do you level up fast in state of survival?

How To raise Battle Power Quickly In State Of Survival

  1. To Increase Battle Power, you will need to upgrade your buildings, heroes, and units or research new technologies and level your chief.
  2. Along with this, upgrading buildings and units are also some good ways to increase your Battle Power.

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