What’s the code to bunker 11?

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Head to Bunker 11, which is located at the top of the map (north-west of Military Base) and interact with the keypad, you will then be able to access the bunker. The code is 346. Once inside you will be able to grab tons of loot, as well as a new MP7 blueprint Mud Drauber.

ainsi What is the bunker access code? Input the code 97264138 on the keypad located at the right side of the vault doors to open the bunker.

How do you open the secret bunker in warzone?

de plus, Where is Bunker 11 located?

Bunker 11 is located on the north of the Verdansk map next to the Military Base. It nestles in the mountains and may be difficult to find as its pretty camouflaged, but look for the crates and generator by the gates.

How do you unlock bunker warzone?

How do you open bunkers in warzone?

How do I get into the bunker warzone? How to open Bunker 11 using phones in Call of Duty Warzone

  1. Visit the ‘blue’ phone locations on the map until one relays a message.
  2. At the end of the message, you’ll hear three numbers in Russian. …
  3. You (and / or your team) must visit each one of these phones in order.

Can you still open bunker 11? Compared to every other Warzone bunker, Bunker 11 is by far the most challenging to break into. … However, the Red Access Keycard will not work on Bunker 11 in Warzone, which can only be opened using these Warzone phones and chasing down a code.

How do you open bunker level 12?

Is Bunker 11 still active? Bunker 11 is one of the most prestigious bunkers that you can find in Call of Duty: Warzone. … With the new Warzone 1.28 update, the keypad for Bunker 11 has started to work again. This means that players can now interact with the keypad and get into the Bunker 11.

How do I get free warzone blueprints?

What is the code for bunker 00? 0: ноль ( « nohl » ) 1: один (« a-deen »)

What’s the code to the vault in rebirth?

Are the red doors in plunder?

Red Doors can be a free ticket to top-tier loot. The plunder behind these Red Doors includes powerful weapons, killstreaks, lots of cash, and even Specialist tokens. Warzone Red Doors are a one-way trip though. … However, there are some strategies to ensure that you always choose the right Red Door.

How do I redeem a warzone code? How To Enter warzone Redeem Codes

  1. Go to call of duty redeem.
  2. Log into your Activision Account.
  3. and Enter code.

How do I get the secret MP7 blueprint?

Can you still get the mud dauber?

The MP7 Mud Dauber blueprint can only be unlocked Warzone and by opening up Bunker 11. It won’t be easy, however, as surviving the onslaught of human enemies is also something that players will need to do.

What’s the code for the bunker near TV station? There is a shack east of the TV Station found in the center of Verdansk. In order to get inside this shack (bunker), players will need to input the code 27495810 in order to open its door and get the loot inside.

What is the code for Bunker 00?

0: ноль ( « nohl » ) 1: один (« a-deen »)

How do you unlock Bunker 11 in warzone Season 4?

What bunkers have blueprints?

While Bunker 11 has the legendary weapon blueprint, there are another ten Warzone bunkers spread across the map, some of which can be opened using Red Access Cards. Only three can be opened at the time of writing: 0, 6, and 9.

How do you get a red access card in Warzone? The most reliable way to get a red keycard is to loot them from crates. They are not a guaranteed drop however, so multiple crates might need to be looted in order to acquire a Red Access Card.

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