Why is ff8 so good?

by Zoé Labbe

Why is ff8 so good?

  1. And so I submit to you that Final Fantasy 8 is good.
  2. It has a good battle system, an amazing soundtrack, some memorable characters, and a huge number of interesting secrets to find.
  3. If writing this retrospective has shown me anything, it’s that Square Enix doesn’t make games like Final Fantasy 8 anymore.

Par ailleurs, What makes ff8 good? It’s the best version of the game to date, with enhanced visuals and boosters that make the game faster or more convenient to play, including the ability to speed up time, gain magic spells and more!

Is FF8 better than FF7?

FF8 has great pre-rendered graphics and great models (Than FF7 blocky graphics), a better character driven story, an amazing score, and unique systems in GFs and juctioning. You can’t say that FF7 has better content than FF8. Since FF8 is made after FF7. Plus I remember, the number 8 is greater than the number 7.

Puis Is Final Fantasy 8 difficult? This has a knock-on effect: rather than a traditional level-based difficulty curve, FF8 has adaptive difficulty. This means you can totally fight the final boss at level 9 – the antagonist will simply be scaled to be an appropriate challenge for the level.

Is Final Fantasy 8 underrated? Final Fantasy VIII is criminally underrated, some even say it’s the best game in the series.

Are Final Fantasy 7 and 8 connected?

Strictly speaking, NO, there is no explicit continuity within the Final Fantasy series, except where explicitly noted. (I.E. 12 inhabits the same world as Tactics IIRC, and of course, direct sequels like X-2.)

Is ff9 better than 8?

Overall, I prefer IX, because that’s imo the best one of the series, which is full of consistency in every aspect. VIII in the other hand was really good in some points, but really lacked in some other. 9 is closer to VI while 8 is closer to VII.

How long does Ffviii take?

6 Final Fantasy VIII – 42 Hours.

Who did Yuna fall in love with?

Yuna is the secondary protagonist in Final Fantasy 10 as well as the main protagonist in Final Fantasy 10-2. She is the love interest to Tidus. She is the daughter to Lord Braska, who defeated Sin 10 years ago, bringing the Calm. She began her pilgrimage starting in Besaid Temple where Tidus eventually arrives at.

Is there any romance in Final Fantasy?

Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII) While the majority of Final Fantasy games feature romance, Final Fantasy VIII centers the entire game around it, with Squall and Rinoa’s love serving as a catalyst for the rest of the game and their respective character development.

Do Tidus and Yuna break up?

Tidus and Yuna continued their relationship and lived together in Besaid for a while. However, Yuna eventually found Tidus to be « too different » from before and they broke up within a year.

Who is Yuna married to Final Fantasy?

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy While there may not be any actual weddings, Yuna and Shantotto can wear wedding attire as alternate costumes. Yuna’s wedding dress.

Did Tidus ever exist?

As Tidus was a part of this, he is not an actual human, nor did he travel 1000 years into the future. However, because of the way their magic works, he did physically exist. Yu Yevon also transformed himself into Sin, destroying whatever machina he could to protect Dream Zanarkand.

Is Final Fantasy 9 a love story?

Final Fantasy IX, despite not being explicitly a love story, gives us the best portrayal of true love the series has to offer.

Is FF7 a love story?

Can You Romance Characters in Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Given that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a JRPG, you may be expecting to be able to romance certain characters. This is not the case, as FF7 Remake is a much more linear affair than you may be expecting.

Does Final Fantasy 15 have romance?

A more serious answer – no, there are no romance options. The main story involves an impending marriage but romanceable characters is a no. It’s not that type of story/RPG at all. There is very subtle one with Iris with several quests but kinda non-canon considering Luna story.

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